Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Muckdogs vs Bandits

Muckdogs 9 Bandits 5

Cardinals vs Blue Jays

Cardinals 14 Blue Jays 4

Cardinals vs Diamondbacks

Gave the D-Backs their first loss and sent a message for the playoffs. Beat them 2-1.

Muckdogs vs Express

Express 11 Muckdogs 6

Cardinals vs Mets

Cards 13 Mets 5

Cardinals vs Dodgers

Cards 15 Dodgers 5

Muckdogs vs Red Wings

Trailing 2-1 after 2 innings. They game was suspended by lightning.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Griffin Rides a Bike!!

It only took 9 years, but Cameron finally convinced Griffin to really try to ride a bike. Griffin took off and is a pro now. So much that we went to Walmart on Sunday on got him his own "cool bmx bike". Very proud of Griffin! Thanks to Cameron for being such a great big brother!!

Griffin's 9th Birthday

Muckdogs vs Mets

Mets 16 Muckdogs 3

Cardinals vs Blue Jays 9/4

Cards 16 Blue Jays 1

Cardinals vs Mets

Mets 10 Cards 9

Mets had 1 hit. Tons of walks. Can't wait to play them again.

Muckdogs vs Storm 8/28

Muckdogs 11 Storm 10